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Student Spotlight  

 Jose Caballero, Senior, Gustine High School  

 The Gustine High student has been attending the school since his freshmen year and said it has been both a weird and fast experience. 

“When people say it goes fast they really mean that,” he said. “And last year had to be the weirdest year doing everything online but it was really an experience as well.”

For extra curricular activities, Jose is involved with AVID, Link crew, as well as soccer and boys' volleyball.

Being a senior and graduation approaching he plans to start his college career at a junior college and eventually transfer to a four year school and pursue a major in business.

Parents: Jose Caballero & Guadalupe Fernandez

Born: Modesto

Favorite Subject: Economy

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Ball

Favorite Food: Chili cheese fries

Favorite Superhero: Superman

Favorite App: Spotify

Favorite Emoji: Skull emoji

Words to live by: “Try your best”

Can't stop listening to: TMG podcast

Last book read: "The Dark Tower” by Stephen King

3 things to have on a deserted island: Water filtration, machete, blanket