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Kevin Flanders 

Kevin Flanders, Junior, Orestimba High  


Parents: Carolina and Ray Flanders 

Born in: Modesto

Favorite subject: Math 

Favorite teacher: Mr. Loo

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite superhero: Spiderman

Favorite app: YouTube 

Favorite emoji: Big grin smiley face

Favorite artist: Bruno Mars 

Last book read: " The Chamber," by John Grisham 

Hobbies: Baseball, video games and cooking 

Like most students at Orestimba High School and across the United States, Kevin has been finding ways to adapt to his new style of learning behind a computer screen rather than the traditional in person learning. Adjusting to distance learning has been difficult, Kevin shared. He wakes himself at 6-7 a.m. daily to get online in time for class, while trying to stay focused and not become frustrated or stressed when faced with audio or technical problems.

While far different than being in the classroom and engaged in hands-on learning, he said, 

"I have to learn to adapt to this all since this is the new way of learning right now."

Computer science teacher Mr. Skyler Loo is a favorite teacher.

Kevin mentioned he enjoys Mr. Loo's classes because he is such a high-energy person, who is always smiling and makes the days of those around him better.

"Mr. Loo is great. Being so close to our age makes him understand us even more on a level most teachers can't," Kevin told Mattos Newspapers. "I also really enjoy his animation classes because it is something new to me."

Kevin is active in sports at Orestimba as a member of the baseball team. Kevin explained that he is hopeful the team will be able to have a season next spring.

As Kevin looks ahead he has mapped out his journey for college. He wants to attend UCLA, Long Beach, or another school in California that has a good baseball program and where he can major in math.

He has a passion for baseball and hopes to continue playing beyond the high school level, Kevin shared, and math "would be a great major since I like numbers and figuring out equations."

Outside school activities, Kevin has also developed an interest in cooking and has learned the basics from his father.

He has prepared dishes such as shrimp pasta, chicken breasts, pizza and sourdough bread, to name just a few.

"I really make sure I pay attention during these times because eventually I'm going to be on my own and mom or dad aren't going to be there to cook for me," Kevin explained.