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Student Spotlight  

MaryJane Miranda, Senior, Gustine High School  

MaryJane had a plan to make memories at GHS and she did just that. It all started her sophomore year when she decided to join the football team. 

“It was hard at first because I did have guys mocking me and not taking me serious at first, but as time went on they learned to accept me and saw that I was serious about it every time I stepped on the field.” 

Along with football she learned to juggle band, link crew, and softball during her four years at Gustine High.

She has mapped out what she wants to do after high school. For her first plan she wants to join the Marines and possibly get into a language major. With her second plan, if the first doesn’t work out, she wants to enroll at a community college and major in Child Development.

As she prepares to leave GHS she leaves behind some words of advice for the underclassmen. “With your times here it will get chaotic at times but you have to learn to keep going and not let things over come you in the moment.” 

Parent(s): Nancy De La Cruz & Abel Miranda 

Born: Los Banos 

Favorite Subject: Band 

Favorite Teacher(s): Mr. Mitchell

Favorite Food: ——

Favorite Superhero: Spawn 

Favorite App: Snapchat

Favorite: Emoji: Laughing Emoji

Words to live by: “Never falter in front of others who aren’t worth the attention or respect,” by her father. 

Can't stop listening to: “Rose bath,” by Kodoku

Last book read: “The Big Bad Wolf,” by James Patterson 

3 things to have on a deserted island: Knife, pot, solar panel flashlight