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Philip Gallo, Senior, Orestimba High School

Parent: Jocelyn Gallo

Born in: Salinas 

Favorite subject: English

Favorite teacher: Mr. Powell

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite superhero: Batman

Favorite app: Discord 

Favorite emoji: Laughing Face 

Words to live by: “If we don't all stay together there would be no such thing as a society left” 

Favorite artist: Queen

Last book read: “Great Expectations,” by Charles Dickens 

Hobbies: Reading, writing and gaming 

Philip describes his journey through high school as building blocks, with the normal ups and downs and learning along the way. His senior year, needless to say, has been anything but typical. With the pandemic causing schools across America to turn to distance learning, Philip said he has found the new way of learning to be difficult at times.

“It is a struggle to understand what is happening at times because everything is through technology,” Philip told Mattos Newspapers. “I have just learned to manage my time properly and ask questions when I need to.” 

Philip keeps himself going by remaining positive and trying to focus on staying linear in his life. Along with that, he sets goals for himself and aspires to achieve them in the future.

At Orestimba he is involved in many clubs, such as HYLC (in which he is the vice president), Writers Club and Gaming Club (in which he is also an officer).

Philip talked about how HYLC is trying to keep things as normal as possible while meeting via Zoom.  As before, the club officers meet and report back to the entire group. Furthermore they also have their annual collective meetings which include other HYLC groups from different schools through Zoom calls.

“It is very different from what we are used to, but it is kind of working out,” said Philip. 

In just a few months, the Orestimba High senior will be graduating and with plans to further his education at either UC Merced or UC Berkeley, which are his top two choices at the moment. He wants to pursue a major in English. Philip said that his passion for English comes from closely connecting with words throughout his years, and his love of reading books. He also stated that English teacher Mr. Powell, has been a mentor to him. He also enjoys Mr. Powell's teaching style and the way he engages the entire class.

His words of advice to younger students?

“ Don’t stress too much, keep working hard and follow your determined path and things will go well.”