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Student Spotlight  

Summer Pruett, Senior, Orestimba High School  

Summer Pruett is an active participate in the student body at Orestimba High. She's involved with band, FFA, art, and working on a farm with dogs.

She shared that she has learned so much about herself throughout her years at OHS and how much the Warrior community is helpful.

“I’ve learned about myself a lot and how much this school in all departments are willing to help,” she said.

Being in her senior year and preparing for the next steps in her life, she mentioned that she doesn’t quite yet know what school she wants to attend but she does know she wants to major in forensic science. With that degree she hopes to be a forensics artist and then on the side be a part-time artist.

Parent(s): Justin & Charise Pruett

Born: Modesto

Favorite Subject: Human Geography

Favorite Teacher(s): Mr. Powell

Favorite Food: Ramen

Favorite Superhero: Thor

Favorite App: YouTube

Favorite: Emoji: The 3 sparkle stars 

Words to live by: “Leave the world better than you found it.”

Can't stop listening to: Autumn Orange

Last book read: “The Last Wish,” By Andrzej Sapkowski.

3 things to have on a deserted island: Clean water, food, and a charged Obamaphone.