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Tianah Vitorino, Senior, Gustine High School  

Parents: Tiffany and Tony Vitorino 

Born in: Modesto

Favorite subject: Math 

Favorite teacher(s): Mrs. Barbara Azevedo, Mrs. Denise Azevedo and Mrs. Rowton 

Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo

Favorite superhero: Maleficent 

Favorite app(s): Snapchat and TikTok 

Favorite emoji: Smiley face with heart around

Words to live by: “I’m just saying" - Mrs. Rowton 

Favorite artist: Billie Eilish  

Last book read: “The things they carried,” by Tim O’Brien

Hobbies: Sports, swimming and crafting

Tianah is a senior at Gustine High School, where she is involved in numerous extra-curricular activities, including ASB, volleyball, basketball, softball, senior sweetheart and FFA. 

She mentioned that being part of the groups such as ASB and FFA have been very different this year as they have been meeting via Zoom.

"With ASB it is a little hard at times because we are usually together in person for planning events for school” said Tianah. “With the guidelines always changing, we always prepare a plan A, B, And C which are an in-person event, a drive-by event or a virtual event.”

As for FFA, she explains, “it stills feels like we never left an in-person meeting because we are still doing everything like normal but only virtually.”  

Before hybrid learning was suspended,  Tianah was among the few students who returned to the classroom. “It felt great to see teachers and a few of my friends," she shared.

But for now Gustine High is back into distance learning mode. Tianah said she does hope for hybrid or in-person instruction to resume, but acknowledged that with everything happening in regard to the pandemic being at home is the best option.

As a senior, Tianah has mapped out her next course of study. She plans to attend Stanislaus State and major in mathematics, with the goal becoming an algebra teacher.

Her love  of and passion for math comes from the feeling of accomplishment when solving a long, complicated problem. Former Gustine teacher Charlie Kothenbeutel helped inspire her interest in math, Tianah remarked, and as a teacher she hopes to bring to her students the same enthusiasm for the subject that he displayed.

As Tianah reflects back on her high school years, she told Mattos Newspaper, “I feel like I accomplished a lot and learned many lessons along the way such as to keep pushing through things such as virtual learning and to not let it ruin my year.”  

As she prepares to graduate Gustine High in a few months, Tianah shares words of advice for younger students.

“Cherish every moment in high school, and if you play a sport cherish those moments too and enjoy every practice and games as you never know when it’ll be your last.”