Members of the band Unleded, which will play Saturday evening at the West Side Theatre in Newman, include, from left, Marion Sanchez, Bob Caetano, David Mattos and Chris Erickson. 

Four West Side musicians have formed a hard-hitting rock and roll band which takes the stage at Newman’s West Side Theatre Saturday evening, Nov. 9.

With decades of experience between them, the members of the rock group “Unleded” serve up covers from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC and Alice In Chains, among other rock bands.

Members include Marion Sanchez and David Mattos of Los Banos and Chris Erickson and Bob Caetano of Gustine, who all came together last year and are currently playing in local venues.

Caetano, a farmer by day and bass player by night, has been a musician for over 46 years and has been around music since he was a teenager.

“It all started when my mother put me in a piano class and I started learning music,” said Caetano. “Then I moved up to junior high and they needed a bass player in band and I knew bass notes and the rest was history.”

The other band members are equally experienced and bring the same passion for music, Caetano told Mattos Newspapers, and while playing together for just a year and a half have quickly become a cohesive group.

“I actually met our drummer at a auto racing event (when I) noticed a drum stick in his back seat,” Caetano told Mattos Newspapers. “I asked him if he knew how to drum....he did and from there we made connections through mutual friends finding our lead singer and lead guitarist, and our band was formed.”

After playing together for a few months the group went under different names such as South Bound, Redemption, and Heads or Tails. And after many events they played at they just couldn’t find a name that stood out to them that fell into their interests of cars and rock. 

“We actually went under a lot of names in the beginning,” mentioned Caetano. “But one day driving down the road I asked my wife for a suggestion and she said ‘Unleaded’ like the gasoline. The group liked it. We took out the “a” for the look of Led Zeppelin, and Unleded was born.” 

Caetano is influenced by many different rock and grunge groups and their bass players, he reflected, and appreciates them and the help they did to shape his style for his own band. 

The band is ready and anxious to perform and is practicing the songs they want to perform. They have cut down to the 18 songs they will play during their concert at the West Side Theatre. 

“When we get out there we want the audience to know what kind of music we like and that we enjoy playing them while on stage,” Caetano told Mattos Newspapers. “We want to show we are having fun so the crowd does too and the environment is a good one.”

The band’s focus, he added, is simply having fun with the music - and wanting their audience to do the same.

Also Caeteno mentioned that when they play its never for the money or acting like its a job like when they were younger, but about having fun out there and doing what you love and enjoy.

Unleded will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9 at the West Side Theater. Tickets are $5 and will be available at the door.