NEWMAN - Yolo Middle School recently awarded a number of eighth-grade honors.

Award winners were as follows.

YLI Award (academic achievement through all three years of middle school):

Kaitlin Bennett, Madison Durbala, Daniel Franco Rodriguez, Allen Garcia, Olivia Gray, Kyla Hill Rutland, Itzel Lopez Corona, Ariel Medina, Emmanuel Medina-Ortiz, Jordan Mello, Tylie Roque, Kaelin Stevens, America Aguilera, Jesse Gomez, David Miller, Jormel Ocampo, Maya Barajas, Gabriel Esquivez, Devpreet Singh, Joel Talamantes

Gustafson Award (for academic excellence and demonstrating qualities of honesty, cooperation and service to school and community):

Madison Durbala

English Language Learner Award:

Jose Hernandez Camacho

Christman Award (greatest improvement during their years at Yolo):

Mikhayla Jenkins

Band Director’s Award:

Andrew Marrujo Gonzalez

American Legion Award (students who have distinguished themselves in academics, citizenship and effort):

Itzel Lopez Corona, Emmanuel Ortiz