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Newman city crews were cleaning up Monday in the wake of high winds Sunday which damaged numerous trees throughout the community.

High winds wreaked havoc Sunday with trees, power lines and fences in and around Gustine and Newman.

The gusty winds finally began calming late in the day - but not before public works crews had been kept busy throughout the day.

Newman wastewater plant operator Lance Perry said his weather station at the facility near Newman measured sustained winds in the mid 30-mile-an-hour range and gusts reaching 54 miles an hour.

“There were some pretty strong gusts,” said Gustine public works Superintendent Dennis Castro. “I was asking some of the older residents, and they said they couldn’t remember the last time that we had that strong a wind for that long a period of time.”

In Newman, public works Superintendent Perfecto Millan said, the high winds brought down a number of large limbs in various areas of the community.

Millan said a power outage lasting three to four hours was reported in neighborhoods from P Street west during the day. During that time, he said, two city wells - one at the water tower and another on T Street - operated on generator power.

Millan said a resident reported a longer power outage in the Pine Court area.

Perry said he was alerted to two brief power outages at the city sewer plant. In each case, he said, the power was back on by the time he reached the plant.

Millan estimated that about 30 city-owned trees sustained damage in the windstorm, and there were more reports of damage to trees and fences on private property.

Fire Chief Keith Bowen said Newman firefighters responded to four calls of wires down and two reports of trees falling onto homes Sunday.

Large limbs fell from nearly a dozen street trees in Gustine, Castro estimated, coming down in various parts of the community where older trees were prevalent.

“We were pretty busy all the way through until about 3:30,” he told Mattos Newspapers.

Crews in both cities focused on getting fallen trees off public right-of-ways, returning to begin cleanup operations Monday.

Castro said the only power outage in Gustine which he was aware of Sunday was caused when a falling tree branch that cut two service lines leading to homes.