GUSD, city team up on crosswalk project

The city of Gustine and Gustine Unified School District are sharing the cost of adding a crosswalk at Gustine Elementary School.

The City Council recently approved a $24,608 bid for installation of two handicapped-accessible ramps to accommodate the crosswalk, which will be on the Meredith Avenue side of the campus.

The city and school district are sharing the expense of the crosswalk. According to a staff report, Measure V funds will be used to cover the city’s share of the project.

City Manager Doug Dunford said the new crosswalk will be placed at a location where parents and students frequently jaywalk.

“In the morning we have everybody parked there and nobody wants to walk all the way down to the corner to cross,” he noted.

Dr. Bryan Ballenger, school district superintendent, said the new crosswalk will improve both traffic flow and student safety.

“That corner is very congested and a very difficult drop-off,” he acknowledged.

If the crosswalk doesn’t resolve the problem of jaywalking, Dunford said, police will begin citing parents who do not use the crosswalk.

He said he hopes the crosswalk is completed by Thanksgiving.

“There are a lot of issues at the elementary school with parking and traffic. I am working with the superintendent to try to come up with some ideas to resolve those issues,” said Dunford, adding that the middle school traffic is also under study. “We are trying to figure out different options to alleviate the congestion over there.”

West Side weather

Newman resident Marge Carvalho, an observer for the National Weather Service, reported the following high/low temperatures for last week. Readings for the previous 24-hour period are taken at 5 p.m. daily.

Monday, Oct. 7: 95/54

Tuesday, Oct. 8: 94/54

Wednesday, Oct. 9: 89/49

Thursday, Oct. 10: 80/55

Friday, Oct. 11: n/a

Saturday, Oct. 12: 90/44

Sunday, Oct. 13: 88/45