Gustine orders new fire truck

The Gustine City Council last week authorized City Manager Doug Dunford to enter into an agreement for purchase of a new fire truck.

The city is purchasing a new fire truck from Rosenbauer South Dakota at a cost of just under $646,000.

A grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is funding 95 percent of the purchase, leaving the city with a matching fund obligation of just under $31,000.

Those costs do not include any added gear needed to fully equip the truck.

The fire truck will allow the Gustine department to retire a rarely-used 1966 open cab Crown model and make its current front-line engine, a 1997 fire truck, a backup.

Dunford said the new fire truck matches the specifications of Cal Fire’s latest vehicle order to ensure compatibility between agencies. Gustine’s volunteer department shares a station and equipment with Merced County/Cal Fire.

“We work hand-in-hand with them, so we will use the specs off the latest truck that they purchased,” Dunford explained.

The grant requires that funds be expended within one year of acceptance of the grant, which occurred Sept. 11. Dunford said delivery of the new truck will bump up against that deadline but is scheduled for no later than Sept. 10, 2020.

West Side weather

Newman resident Marge Carvalho, an observer for the National Weather Service, reported the following high/low temperatures for the past week.

Monday, Nov. 18: 80/40

Tuesday, Nov. 19: 78/40

Wednesday, Nov. 20: 73/46

Thursday, Nov. 21: 71/36

Friday, Nov. 22: 74/36

Saturday, Nov. 23: 75/40

Sunday, Nov. 24: 76/35