Newman Fire Report

For the week of July 11 to July 16 the Newman Fire District responded to 20 calls for service. Fire Specialist Brooks said the responses included 12 emergency medical services, five motor vehicle collisions, one vegetation fire, one potential structure fire and one public assist.

Around 12:35 a.m. July 16, the Newman Fire station was dispatched to the 500 block of Saint Helena Drive for a potential structure fire with smoke in the residence. Upon arrival, fire crews were greeted by the occupants of a two-story residence. On entering the residence crews smelled a faint odor of burnt plastic or electrical. Further investigation showed no smoke or fire. However, a burnt spatula was found in the dishwasher. Due to the spatula encountering the heating element it had melted and produced a heavy odor. No significant damage was noted and there were no reported injuries

The Newman Fire station was dispatched to P Street and Merced Street AT 2:34 P.M. July 16, for a motor vehicle collision. Upon arrival, crews found two vehicles had collided with both vehicles coming to a rest in the intersection in an apparent T-Bone type incident. One occupant was still sitting in the vehicle. Upon further investigation all occupants were determined to have minor or no injuries and refused treatment or transport. Fire provided traffic control, debris clean up and stabilized the vehicles. The damage loss was estimated at a combined $13,000. The incident is being investigated by the Newman Police Department

At 5:41 a.m. July 16,the Newman Fire station was dispatched to Eastin Road and Highway 33 for a motor vehicle collision involving a tractor. Upon arrival, fire crews located a sheriff’s deputy on scene with one occupant down in the roadway and the officer was performing CPR. EMS arrived and declared the occupant deceased. Fire remained on scene to provided traffic control and await the arrival of CHP. The incident resulted in one fatality and one minor injury. The estimated damage was combined at $70,000. California Highway Patrol is the investigating authority. 

West Side Weather

Newman resident Marge Carvalho, an observer for the National Weather Service, reported the following high/low temperatures for the past week. Reading for the previous 24-hour period are taken at 5 p.m. daily.

Monday, July 12: 100/63

Tuesday, July 13: 93/54

Wednesday, July 14: 93/56

Thursday, July 15: 91/57

Friday, July 16: 95/59

Saturday, July 17: 101/60 

Monday, July 18: 107/65