Newman water rate hike finalized

The Newman City Council last week finalized a water rate hike which takes effect Nov. 2.

Council members held a second reading and final adoption of the ordinance amending the rates. Four annual increases will follow the initial rate hike.

The monthly water bill for a single family residential customer who uses 1,100 cubic feet of water (considered a typical water user) will go from $27.81 to $35.84 when the new rate is enacted. Water consumption, officials note, can differ widely from one home to the next so the impact of the rate adjustments will vary by user.

Four annual rate increases will follow, increasing the monthly water bill for a typical customer to $50.59 in November 2023.

City Manager Michael Holland said the increases are necessary to cover increasing operational expenses, make improvements to the existing system and allow the city to move forward with construction of a new well and million-gallon storage tank located in the

Jensen Road area.

West Side weather

Newman resident Marge Carvalho, an observer for the National Weather Service, reported the following high/low temperatures for the past week. Information for the previous 24-hour period is recorded at 5 p.m. daily.

Monday, Sept. 23: 90/55

Tuesday, Sept. 24: 98/63

Wednesday, Sept. 25: 103/60

Thursday, Sept. 26: 101/64

Friday, Sept. 27: 93/60

Saturday, Sept. 28: 87/52

Saturday, Sept. 29: 80/45