NEWMAN - The after-school program at Orestimba High School will be discontinued next year, Superintendent Randy Fillpot announced at the June 3 school board meeting.

Fillpot told Mattos Newspapers that the program cost and attendance were factors in the decision.

Fillpot said the savings realized by discontinuing the program will be used to help fund additional staff positions which provide support and resources for students.

“We think we are getting a bigger bang for the buck,” Fillpot stated.

He said the district had been funding Orestimba’s after-school program through its general fund, while programs at other sites are grant-supported.

The Orestimba after-school program was costing $160,000 a year, Fillpot noted.

Many of the support services available through the after-school program are now available during the school day, he added.

“We found that we were actually being redundant in some of the things that we were doing there,” he explained. “Some of the tutoring that we had been paying for is now offered on-line at both Yolo and the high school.”

Many of the enrichment activities offered in the after-school program are now available during Orestimba’s study hall period, Fillpot stated.

Low attendance was another concern, he told Mattos Newspapers.

“The attendance wasn’t real great after school. A lot of kids who participated were in sports, and would just go to the after-school program until their practice started,” Fillpot commented. “For $160,000, it is kind of hard to justify for the few number of kids who were utilizing it after 3 o’clock.”

Open gym sessions held in the morning which were previously part of the after-school program will most likely continue, the superintendent pointed out.

Because of attrition, he added, every Orestimba after-school staff member wishing to continue working for the district will be able to do so at other sites.

“Nobody lost a job,” Fillpot stated.

District after-school program director Chanelle Raboteau has moved to a classroom teaching position and her previous position will not be filled.

After-school program coordinators will report to their site principals rather than a district coordinator, Fillpot said.

“It kind of connects the school a little better to the after-school program,” he said of that structure.

After-school programs at sites other than Orestimba will not be impacted, Fillpot stated.

“You will not see much of a difference at the other sites,” Fillpot concluded.