GHS Speech Contest

GHS students Alma Medina Tovar, Belinda Ajanel, and Oscar Vergara each delivered first place speeches in the 2023 Regional Migrant Educational Speech and Debate competition. Note: one of the trophies had to be delivered after this photo was taken.

Gustine High School was well represented at the 2023 Regional Migrant Education Speech and Debate competition. Alma Medina Tovar won First Place in English Speech 11th grade.

Oscar Vergara won First Place in Spanish Speech 9th grade. Belinda Ajanel won First Place in English Speech 9th grade.

High School students from Madera, Merced, and Stanislaus counties participated in the event held at the Merced County Office of Education on April 29. 

Contestants were required to choose one of five topics to create a four to five minute prepared speech. The day of competition, they were also required to deliver an extemporaneous speech to the panel of judges.

The whole process began in January with choosing topics followed by researching and writing, creating, editing, practicing, memorizing, and producing a final product to present to the judges.

The work was done outside of their class schedule, around sports and extra-curricular commitments and family obligations. To compete required dedication on their part to put the work in and they did. Alma has competed before so the journey was not new to her. The public speaking experience was new for Oscar and Belinda. 

“I am proud of all three,” Belinda Ruiz expressed. “They worked really hard and produced some educated work.”

Ruiz is a Career and College Advisor with MCOE Migrant Education. She was the Coach for the GHS students.

“I am proud of them, not just about them winning but because they participated. They had the courage to say ‘I want to do this’ and they did,” Ruiz shared.

They successfully delivered their speeches before two judges with conviction and passion about their chosen topics.

Alma’s speech - K-12 public schools should be mandated to provide students access to a mental health counselor and services on campus.

Belinda’s speech - U.S. schools should improve the quality of lunch they provide for students.

Oscar’s speech - Harm reduction is a valuable strategy for addressing drug abuse.

Each of them received a First Place trophy.