NEWMAN - A National Night Out event bringing community members and public safety first responders together is being planned for Tuesday evening, Aug. 6.

The three-hour event, the first of its kind in Newman, begins at 4:30 p.m. in front of the Newman police station.

“Essentially, this is a big block party,” commented organizer Alicia Mendoza, the city’s recreation director and community liaison. “We want to bring the community together at this event, and let people get to know one another and their first responders.”

The event will offer the opportunity for residents and public safety personnel to meet and mingle in an informal, casual setting.

“We want our residents to know who they are and what they do for our community,” said Mendoza in reference to police officers, firefighters and other public safety/emergency services personnel.

Fire Chief Keith Bowen said his department members are excited to participate in an event which promotes stronger partnerships between public safety agencies and the community as a whole.

Fire volunteers, he said, will demonstrate the tasks and challenges which they encounter in the line of duty to instill a greater understanding of the firefighting profession in the general public.

“We plan to have fire apparatus on display, along with a small, kid-friendly obstacle course,” Bowen told Mattos Newspapers. “Our hope is to offer a fun, positive and educational event (involving) the members of the fire department and the community that supports them.”

The police department will also have vehicles on display at the event, Mendoza said. Other agencies are being invited to participate as well, and various city officials will be on hand for the event.

Mendoza said free children’s fingerprinting will be offered (birth certificate or identification required), and anti-theft club devices will be distributed to owners of 1990 Acuras and Hondas, 1990-2005 Fords and Chevrolet vehicles and 1990-2000 Nissans. Registration demonstrating ownership of qualifying vehicles is required.

Hot dogs will be served, and a host of  games and activities are planned.

“We will have water brigade games, tug-of-war, three-on-three hoops, face painting and more,” Mendoza reflected. “We will have a lot of fun, free activities for the community to enjoy.”

Educational materials promoting safety will also be distributed, she noted.

The National Night Out observance is essentially a central, community-wide block party in which all residents are invited to participate, Mendoza reiterated.

While much of the event will be devoted to relaxation and enjoyment, the evening will turn to a somber note when a memorial honoring fallen Newman Police Cpl. Ronil Singh is unveiled at 6:30 p.m. in front of the police station.

Saputo is donating that memorial to the city.