New Christmas Tree

Newman’s new Christmas tree was planted last week in the downtown plaza.

NEWMAN - A newly-planted community Christmas tree is taking root in Newman’s downtown plaza.

Workers from Grover Landscape Services set the new Deodar cedar tree in place Thursday.

The previous tree was also a Deodar cedar, City Manager Michael Holland said, but local leaders are expecting improved results and a more attractive tree the second time around.

“We did not pay close enough attention to the individual tree (with the first planting),” he explained. “We were not as specific with the contractor, and did not pay as close attention in what was being planted. I think there may have been some issues with the planting and the securing of the tree.”

Furthermore, Holland said, the initial tree was decorated before having a chance to properly establish.

In searching for a replacement, he said, the city relied on guidance from local arborist Ed Perry, and visited a number of nurseries before selecting a tree.

Grover will provide a one-year maintenance plan, and the tree will not be decorated for Christmas this year.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure we get a nice growth pattern,” Holland emphasized.

The tree may be well enough established to decorate for the holidays in 2018, he said.

He said the city spent about $7,000 through the process of removing the first tree, amending the soil and purchasing and planting the new tree.