OHS Showcase

A flame-throwing robot demonstrated by Orestimba student Noe Segundo was among the many features of the school’s showcase night last Wednesday, March 28.

NEWMAN - Orestimba High provided a glimpse of high school life and opportunities to next year’s freshman class during its third annual “showcase” event held last Wednesday evening on campus.

The showcase night is actually a combination of two events, Principal Justin Pruett explained, serving as an open house for current Orestimba students and their families and an introduction to high school life for current eighth-graders.

“I think our crowd size was down compared to last year, but it was still a good showing,” Pruett said. “Our cafeteria was full when we started (the event).”

The eighth-graders who did attend came away with a better understanding of the options available to them at Orestimba, Pruett added.

“Some of the incoming freshmen feel they already know what is happening at Orestimba, but I don’t think they always have a true understanding of the different courses,” he commented. “I would say the kids were pretty excited and the parents seemed impressed with how much we offer students.”

The showcase presented a comprehensive look at the electives and extra-curricular activities Orestimba offered.

Visitors to the showcase had their pick of activities.

Student work was on display in various departments, and an array of demonstrations - including one flame-throwing robot crafted in the schools robotics class - were offered.

Several clubs had informational tables, as did local colleges.

One room was dedicated to athletics, giving parents the opportunity to learn more about the sports program at Orestimba.

The school’s elective courses were also highlighted.

Orestimba’s growing menu of electives will include film studies, animation, criminal justice, sports officiating, a culinary course, robotics next year, Pruett noted.

“Most freshmen only get to choose one or two electives, so it is important for them to know everything that is available to them,” he said.

Yolo eighth-graders selected their freshmen classes Thursday, the day after the showcase.

“We will do this every year. It just makes sense that the kids have an idea of what they are selecting,” Pruett commented.

He said the school will continue to refine the event, perhaps relying more heavily on social media next year to promote the showcase.