The Newman City Council on Tuesday is expected to enter into a contract with an architectural agency to develop a Parks and Recreation master plan.

The Parks and Recreation master plan is part of a larger update and evaluation of the City’s Capital Facility Fee program. This program strives to mitigate new development’s impact on infrastructure and public facilities. It also provides a mechanism by which new development contributes its “fair-share” to construction of new facilities needed to accommodate growth.

One component of the fee program is the parks impact fee to develop new parks and recreation facilities. To ensure the City collects the appropriate amount of funding, staff is proposing the City develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan that will reflect the desires of the community with respect to future recreation opportunities.  

The proposed Parks and Recreation Master Plan would guide future park development and recreational opportunities as the City continues to develop. The proposal includes two virtual workshops and meetings with local stakeholders to allow the community to share their requests and desires for future recreational opportunities. Following the community outreach and a review of existing facilities, the team will develop a Master Plan tailored to the needs and desires of the community. This Plan will then be incorporated into the Impact Fee program to ensure the City is collecting the proper Park Fee to develop top quality parks with recreational amenities the community desires.

The cost of the study is $107,530 and will be recouped as impact fees are collected from future development. The City Council is expected to consider the proposal from RHAA Landscape Architects.