St. George

The St. George Club had a soft opening over Labor Day weekend and is expected to make a permanent opening soon, though the exact date has not been stated.

The St. George Club launched its soft opening during Labor day weekend and is set to officially reopen soon.

Former owner Carlos Santos had been managing the restaurant for over a year and had quickly taken up the legacy of running one of Newman’s favorite bar and restaurant inns.

“When we were running it we kind of just took a shot in the dark and became business owners there and we just wanted to bring something different to Newman as far as food,” said Santos.

The historic building has been, according to a Facebook post made as early as June 9, of this year on the official ‘St. George Hotel Newman’ Facebook page, undergoing some renovations in order to prepare for its reopening.

Santos, who is great friends with the Club’s current owner Charles Marquez, has had discussions with him in regards to what Marquez has planned for the club’s reopening.

“He’s reopening the bar and restaurant and we talked about us doing the catering for big events. I know he's trying to do comedy shows and stuff like that,” said Santos.

A date for the restaurant’s opening had been announced just two weeks before Labor Day weekend with a post that had caused a bit of confusion regarding whether the inn was officially reopening or not.

Comments on the status update ranged from questions regarding the opening hours to celebration of the restaurant’s reopening. However, on Sept.3, it was confirmed in yet another post that the reopening was instead a “soft-opening” as well as being posted alongside the operating hours, which had been officially stated as being from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“I know a lot of the previous customers had attended the soft opening and they kind of like the new changes and that it’s something to get used to because it’s a little different than what it was last time,” said Santos.

While a date has yet to be stated as to when the public can expect those familiar red doors to officially reopen, one aspect of the St. George Club has remained certain, the restaurant has remained a treasured part of its community and within the Santos’ family’s hearts.

“It was nice to have new faces come in and talk about how they liked the atmosphere and all that. They could take their kids and eat dinner and not have to worry that there was a bar there,” said Santos.