Thieves stole the tires from this vehicle parked in a Newman neighborhood over the holiday weekend.

Newman residents all over town were coming out of their homes to find their car up on a block and their tires missing.

Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson that the thefts started late Sunday night as officers were investigating a shooting in downtown and continued into early Monday. 

During a 48-hour period the department got six reports of stolen tires. Residents in Patterson and Los Banos reported on various social media pages that tires were stolen off vehicles in those towns as well. Gustine Police Chief Ruben Chavez said that Gustine did not have any recent reports of tire thefts.

The thieves were mostly targeting newer model Hondas and Toyotas.

The police department recommended looking lugnuts as one deterrent to stop the thieves.

Residents are asked to view camera footage and see if they captured the suspects on film or possibly there getaway vehicle. 

Anyone with information about the theft can report it to the Newman Police Department at (209) 862-2902.