Newman Police were on scene in the 1100 block of Fresno Street shortly after gunfire erupted near the Newman Fall Festival Sunday night.

As revelers enjoyed the final hour of the Newman Fall Festival carnival, violence erupted just outside the park when two teenagers were gunned down, the Newman Police Department reported.

The two victims were transported by air ambulance to local hospitals. The police department has not released any information about their identities. Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson did say that as of Tuesday both teenagers were alive.

The shooting happened at 10:23 p.m. Sunday in the 1100 block of Fresno Street.  

“This incident did transpire during the annual Newman Fall Festival, but it occurred just to the East of the festival location, Pioneer Park,” the police department said. “Officers stationed in the park heard the gunfire and were able to get to the incident location very quickly.”

Both of the gunshot victims were taken to area hospitals by air ambulance.

Officers have interviewed witnesses, collected evidence and obtained investigative leads that they are currently working on.  At this time, a suspect is not in custody.    

The sound of gunshots sparked a chaotic scene at the festival as attendees ran from the area, unsure of the direction of the gunfire.