Alex Banks

Just a few days now into 2021, I can officially say it is a new year but the same things that have been revolving around us continue to fill our conversations. Day by day, we seek and have been finding solutions to problems in the world.  

The year 2020 truly taught me a lot of lessons that I will never forget.

Such as the importance of the true people in your life who will be there for you and check up on you to make sure you’re doing okay, while you’re sending that same energy back to them.

When the main attractions were taken away from the world, the concerts, sporting events with full attendance, movie theaters, Broadway shows, bars and clubs, public events, amusement parks, and so much more due to COVID-19, the world felt like it was in major shock. A part of us felt paralyzed and lacking, but we had to keep moving and progressing each day without those activities.

The world isn’t going to stop because we have a problem. It is up to us to keep moving and better ourselves each day while keeping our positive energy.

This past year also taught me that I have a lot of potential which I kept holding back, because I either felt scared or felt like I was not good enough for what was being thrown at me.

I have realized now that I can do so much. from progressing in my job field, my art, and also any personal goals I have set for myself, but it is going to take me and my focus to achieve all this at a high level.

Don’t get me wrong. 2020 did have lows for me. which helped me realize I’m not Superman and it was okay to ask for help when I needed it. Anyone who truly knows me personally knows I don’t like asking for help and will do anything and everything else first, such as Googling, videos, books you name it, before I get myself to a point of asking another individual. 

Now that we have entered a new year, I want to say “2021 be good to us.” With everything that happened to us in 2020 I really feel like the bar is set at a medium or at a low at this point. What more can truly happen that we have not prepared ourselves for. For me....I’ve been waiting for that alien invasion or zombie apocalypse to happen at any moment, given all that has happened in our world that once would have seemed impossible. I can truthfully say I’m about 75 percent prepared, though, from all the alien and zombie shows and movies I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Even though the new year is a continuation last, it feels promising to me. I feel that new opportunities are coming for me, my friends and family and tons of others who have learned valuable lessons in the previous year.

For this year I want to continue to better myself in my craft of art, including photography, graphic design and film, along with bettering my skills within the news world with getting better at interviews, journalism and reporting on stories and photo journalism.

I want to at least teach myself something new every month and just allow my mind to be free with what I do. Last year on my goals list I had a ton of things that I wanted to do. This year for my list I have things I need to do and know they will put me on the path to success.

Everything I had on my list last year all got canceled and really had me thinking truly what are needs for this year in 2021.

As we continue to go through this year we just need to remember the lessons we learned last year and apply them to the new year and also learn to be open minded to the new things we are about to learn. I want to wish all the Mattos Newspapers readers a Happy New Year. Make every day count and do not lose focus on your goals. Make yourself better every day.

And, please ask 2021 to be good to us.