A little bit about a lot of things:

• Where did winter go?

For all the glorious weather we have enjoyed in recent weeks, the sunshine and warm temperatures were unfortunately not what we really needed.

After an early December drenching in which rainfalls of four to five inches were reported over the period of a few days, winter pretty much disappeared and limited rainfall over the rest of December and January led to a bone-dry February.

That has left farmers in the Del Puerto Water District, which runs along the I-5 corridor from Vernalis to Santa Nella, looking at a water allocation this year of just 15 percent of a full irrigation supply.

Granted, farmers are a resourceful bunch and the Del Puerto district has been remarkable in cobbling together supplemental water supplies, but nonetheless 2020 is shaping up as a very challenging year for many growers in districts such as Del Puerto. Pretty tough to grow crops with so little water.

Those in the Central California Irrigation District, which immediately surrounds Newman and Gustine, are the beneficiaries of stronger water rights and scheduled to receive a full water allocation.

Of course, we have March to go through.....a month that in the past has delivered some substantial storms. Some years it seems like nothing brings on the rain like the start of spring sports....still, my understanding is that the prospects for a “March Miracle” that would bring some relief to Del Puerto growers do not appear likely.

• Of  course, spring is right around the corner, that annual season of rebirth and renewal.

Our plants and trees are coming back to life, from the peach and the pomegranate to the apple and the avocado....but so are the weeds.

I took a little time Sunday to pluck weeds and spruce up things a little bit, chores which were long overdue.

Now, pulling weeds in the heat of June and July seems like work (and they are a lot more stubborn about coming out of the ground). But when we have the chance to do spring yard chores for the first time it seems like anything but work.

Getting out and playing in the dirt for a while is good for the soul.

• Speaking of yards.....we occasionally find some trash to pick up or that some pedestrian (or animal) has taken a detour up along our front berm and disturbed things, or that somebody has helped themselves to our fruit (we’re happy to share, but appreciate being asked).

Sometimes, though, we find something that doesn’t really make any sense.

Last week, I came home after work one day to spot a golf club sticking out of an aloe plant in our front yard.

Then I noticed a second, and a third.

All were short irons, for the record.

I’ve known frustrated golfers to throw clubs into the water or pack them away into their garage with a pledge to never touch them again, but finding a partial set of clubs on my lawn was a new one. I took a quick look around but didn’t spot any clubs on neighboring lawns.

That one is a mystery to me.....was it just a random act? A message that perhaps I should take up golf again? If that’s the case, I’m going to need more than three clubs....but don’t really have an interest in frustrating myself on the golf course.

I have no idea what the story is behind the golf clubs is, but the possibilities were certainly a topic of conversation.

• Just a reminder.....Daylight Saving Time returns this weekend!

The time change officially takes place at 2 a.m. Sunday.

Remember to “spring forward” and set clocks ahead one hour before retiring for the evening on Saturday.

Adapting to the time change always takes me a few days, but I am very much looking forward to having that “extra” hour of daylight to enjoy in the evening.....

Dean Harris the Managing Editor of the West Side Index and Gustine Press-Standard. He can be reached at dharris@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 243-8104.