On Saturday, the featured band is from this area – it is called Journey Revisited. The band takes its name from the well-known national band Journey.

Reserved seat tickets are already sold out. General admission is $20. The doors open at 7 p.m. and show time is 8:00 pm.

The original Journey band began 48 years ago.There have been changes in the band’s musicians, but the sound is much the same.

Journey Revisited is a Central California based band established in 2011. It’s great sound has been heard throughout the nation. Excellent guitarists and vocalists are the basis for their great quality tribute to Journey.

Rotary's role in fighting polio

When two vaccines were created in the United States, all of America’s Rotary Clubs began to fight this dreaded disease. As a result. polio was eliminated n the United States.

In 1985, Rotary was asked to bring the vaccines to the Philippines to stop the many polio deaths. Our Newman Rotary gave money to this cause.

For years, Newman Rotary has been a force to end polio. One of the most successful years was 2004 when our club held four drive-buy spaghetti pasta feeds. Local school students all worked

on these feeds. They were called KAP (Kids Against Polio); YAP (Youth against polio); HAP (Hi Against Polio); and finally RAP (Rotary Against polio. Yolo Middle School raised $3,750. The four feeds raised a total of $21,000. The Gates Foundation agreed to double that figure so the total raised was $$42,000.

Newman Rotary is in its final days of this year’s end polio drive. All local schools are in their final stages of raising money and the results will be found in next week’s newspaper.