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Once again, Newman Rotary has sponsored the attempt to eliminate polio from the world.  In the com- munity, in our club and in all our Newman/Crows Landing classes, money has been raised and sent to Rotary International.

At each week’s meeting, club members were asked to make donations to the polio foundation.

At Orestimba High School, the high school giving campaign was coordinated by the Rotary sponsored student club, the Orestimba Interact club. Club members during the month gave a total of $500.

Many of the district classes had fund giving campaigns. As a result, from the club members and students, a total of $2,200. was raised. Because of the fund matching program of the Gates Foundation, this meant $4,400 was sent to the stop polio program.

This program for decades has resulted in only one person in Afghanistan  and one in Pakistan this year have been found to have the wide polio disease. Newman’s gift of $4,400 will make a difference.