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Sitting on our patio on a quiet Sunday evening, when temperatures have backed from a warm afternoon to a comfortable 75 or so....and just soaking in the still, fresh air as I listen to the sounds of the chirping birds and, a block or so over, what I assume to be a family or household group i…

I stepped outside our front door one day late last week to be greeted by bright sunshine, blue skies, the aroma of lemon blossoms, the sound of birds chirping away and the sight of plants sprouting fresh leaves in their annual rebirth.....the kind of inspiring spring day that nurtures the soul.

Christmas has arrived, bringing with it the renewal of long-standing traditions....some spanning generations and others which emerge as the families of our children carve out their own holiday routines.

Mass mailer week has arrived....and we are pleased to deliver to our readers the latest version of the expanded issue which is produced twice each year by the Mattos Newspapers staff.