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  Check it out!

Newman’s new weekly farmer’s market is a truly enjoyable community event.

In addition to farm-fresh produce, the Friday evening event in Newman’s downtown plaza offers a variety of vendors and community organization booths in a family-friendly setting.

Starting a small-town farmer’s market is no easy endeavor, but organizers have done a great job with the new event.

Newman and Gustine have each seen local farmer’s markets come and go through the years.

The challenge is of the what came first, the chicken or the egg, variety. Markets must have a certain synergy to thrive.....enough vendors to draw patrons, and enough people attending (and purchasing) to attract vendors.

I would love to see the market thrive and become a West Side community event.

The community nature of it is, after all, really the ultimate attraction.

Organizers are committed to holding the market each Friday evening through June, and may extend the event if it proves to be a hit.

That’s up to us. Market hours are 4-8 p.m. It’s well worth checking out.

  Our pages have been packed with photos galore the past couple of weeks, what with graduation ceremonies, festas, youth baseball/softball team champions and more....and with those photos come names, lots of names.

And while we strive to match the right faces with the right names, that occasionally doesn’t happen....as was the case with an OHS grad photo from a couple of weeks ago. The photo caption identified the graduate as Jose Chavez, but we’re advised that the photo was in fact Jacob Paxia.

We hate when that happens.....and extend our apologies to Jacob as we set the record straight.

  Here’s a project we would love to see become reality.....Stanislaus County officials are pursuing grant funds through state Prop. 68 to renovate the Bonita pool and park in Crows Landing.

They went all out to put their best foot forward for state officials conducting a site visit last Monday, putting together a detailed and extensive presentation and overview to pitch the project.

That a sizable group of Crows Landing residents was on hand to show their support for the project didn’t hurt, either.

Applications for the Prop. 68 money exceed the available amount of dollars several times over.....but I get the feeling the Crows Landing proposal is going to very much be in the running when projects are selected for funding.

A county official told me at the gathering last week that the two things Crows Landing residents most would like to see back in the community are a grocery store and the pool.

The county can’t do much about a grocery store, but certainly seems intent on doing everything possible to bring back the pool, which for decades was a popular community amenity.

The pool has been closed for around 10 years.

Currently, the only West Side public pools are in Patterson and Gustine. Shoot, I’ve been here long enough to remember the days when not only Newman and Crows Landing had busy pools but the Crows Landing air base had one as well.

The park surrounding the Bonita pool could certainly use an upgrade as well.

What a boost that project would be, not just for Crows Landing but surrounding communities.

A renovated pool and updated park would immediately become a crown jewel for Crows Landing.....and those sorts of recreational facilities are very much in need.

Kudos to all the Stanislaus County officials for their hard work. We hope it pays off.

  Want to start your day off right on Sunday, July 7?

Gustine volunteer firefighters are serving up their annual breakfast from 7-11 a.m. in the GPS Hall....and they have decided to celebrate the 25th year of their tradition by offering the hearty meal free of charge (though donations are accepted).

Now that’s community spirit at its finest.....how many organizations just decide to serve up free meals? But knowing the generous nature of folks from Gustine and Newman, I would expect that the fire department will do just fine at the donation jar nonetheless.

Things like that just don’t happen in larger communities, do they?

Dean Harris the Managing Editor of the West Side Index and Gustine Press-Standard. He can be reached at dharris@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 243-8104.