Anyone who has lived in Merced County knows that our roads are in dismal shape.

Our ability to bring new and exciting projects at both the city and county level are impeded by our aging roadway system. This is our collective problem. Neither the state or the federal government are going to solve this problem for us.

Measure V is a half-cent sales tax which will generate revenues to fix our roads and upgrade our transportation system. Half of all revenues collected will go to the cities and Merced County for roadway maintenance (pothole repair, roadway resurfacing, etc.) and alternative mode projects (sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.).

The other half of revenues will pay for large-scale regional projects on both the east and west sides of the county as well as valuable transit services.

Most importantly, passing this measure will designate Merced County as a self-help county, which puts us in competitive positions for state and federal grants.

The time has passed for hoping that someone else is going to step in and pay for the upgrade of our roads. We must take this project on ourselves.

The consequences of not passing this measure should be self-evident, more potholes, more frustration at our transportation system and a less competitive environment for business.

The choice is simple. Vote yes on Measure V.