Digital literacy continues to lead the 21st Century learning in the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District. Orestimba High School has gone 1:1 with Chromebooks and we are working on getting the rest of the district there as well. We are committed to ensuring that our students are well prepared for the world in which they will work and live. The technology in the classrooms is used to drive and guide our continuous mission to align instruction and content to make our students career and college ready.

Teachers and students are enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a 1:1 classroom and the opportunities for more personalized learning. Students are taking the initiative to extend their learning during class time and at home, with the ability to access a wide variety of digital resources and opportunities to collaborate with others.

Parents, teachers and staff are expressing a renewed enthusiasm for learning as they see students get excited and take greater ownership of their own learning. We are witnessing a transformation in the classrooms where more students are more engaged. While there is definitely a steep learning curve for educators, parents and students in how to effectively learn, manage and teach in a 1:1 environment, all agree that for a successful future we cannot go back to the old ways of learning through a textbook that is static and often outdated before

it’s even adopted.

We are also aware and understand that it is a significant expense to continue the 1:1 program but our students’ future deserves that investment. Through implementation strategies aligned with our district’s vision and mission, teacher training, and enhancement of network we can ensure effective usage. The learning environment is going through a mammoth transition from a paper world to digital one. Our schools are working to craft clear vision and mission statements to connect students to this new world of unlimited digital resources. Staff members attend well designed and supported professional development programs that focus on pedagogy as well as technology, aligning standards with digital literacy - acknowledging that technology is an integral part of the curriculum and not just another isolated initiative.

Establishing a safe environment for teachers and students to support risk-taking that will allow for innovations to prosper and induce a culture where inquiry is the goal. Learning communities provide students access to a 24-hour support. Technology is not just a substitution for the traditional pen, paper and chalkboard but an essential communication and collaboration tool for ongoing global learning and sharing for 21st Century learners. Our parents, students, teachers, and staff are focused to truly prepare our students for careers of tomorrow that are not here today.

As always, students, parents, educators, community working together for a better tomorrow!

Randy Fillpot is superintendent of the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District.