The announcement late Sunday night by President Trump on Twitter regarding removing military forces from Syria was met with a collective freak-out on the left and right, producing enough energy to power the United States for the rest of the year. The noise came from all corners of The Swamp, and from more than a few people who should know better. Congress critters, unnamed State Department sources, national security experts, everyone has an opinion.

And right on time, without any details or information came the clamor…..“We are abandoning our allies,” “It will be genocide,” “We’ve lost credibility in the world.”

Sound familiar? Because it should.

It’s the same rationale that has kept our nation’s military all across the Middle East, with a second generation of military families paying the ultimate price, and all anyone says is we must stay. The United States, even among all other coalition partners, must bear the costs, both of people and tax dollars, while these other nation’s leaders look down their noses at the uncouth Americans and their deplorable president.

How long does our responsibility last? How long is the United States responsible for centuries old wars and tribal fights?

And how many wars should be fought, without Congressional authorization I might add, for there to come a time where the United States might be able to say that you need to be responsible for your own country and people.

For everyone not on the same page as President Trump, the rationale is pretty simple to ferret out. If Congress thinks that supporting the Kurds against Turkey is a necessary U.S. action then they need to debate and vote to authorize military action. But they won’t. They won’t even bother to alter our nuclear ordinance testing agreement, you know, the one that authorized us to share 50 nukes with the Turkish government, a NATO member.

When it comes to Syria, Turkey and the Kurds, what is not being said is more significant than what is.

Does NATO matter, or no? Because under normal order, a ratified treaty with a coalition of countries might just take precedence over the capricious nature of politicians making promises while trying to win office. According to these same experts and elites, the NATO alliance is paramount to our national security. Over and over we have heard how the “United States must stand with its NATO allies in the face of a dangerous world.”

The last NATO kerfuffle came when Trump threatened to leave NATO over member nations not paying into it as per the agreed framework or providing the levels of military commitment that were promised.

Someone who was more cynical might say the only problem that the elites really have is the presence of President Donald Trump.

These same officials are quick to the microphone, whether to place blame or claim credit, whenever it suits them. But not one of them has offered a solution that is workable or realistic within the parameters of today’s political and military landscape.

We, and by we I mean the media and chattering political class, have allowed elected officials to get away with behaviors and actions that completely go against the U.S. Constitution and accepted law when it suits their political purposes, the general public be damned.

Congress and the Executive Branch have delegated much of their authority and mandate to the professional class in Washington, D.C. The managers, directors and bureaucrats who actually do the day-to-day running of Washington, D.C., and our country.

And they don’t like it when someone comes along, flips all the conventional wisdom on its head and the public finally discovers that all of the emperors have been naked this whole time!

If the powers that be want our military fighting for U.S. interests, itself open ended to interpretation, in Syria or anywhere else on this planet, there is a procedure. Write an authorization bill, open debate, and most importantly, hold a vote. In Congress, you know, to make it official.

It is a very straightforward process for them to follow. If they want to make the argument that the Kurds deserve a section of land to call their own… great. Give speeches, go on television and garner public support. Once you have that, you might need the support of all the nations that will need to give up said land.

I wish our negotiators well. This argument’s only been going on for about 400 years now.

There aren’t too many other options, at least by way of the Constitution and that pesky NATO Charter. Kick Turkey out of NATO, or take a vote and authorize force.

It really is that simple. 

Instead, we are left with all those experts and Congress people, and a shared vision of American foreign policy that has done more to break the world than anything President Trump has managed in his three short years in office.

President Trump ran on a platform that included winning the previously stated objectives of these wars, and then getting out. He reiterated this Monday, when speaking at the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement signing at the White House, about his thinking on the pull out. “We interject ourselves into wars, we interject ourselves into tribal wars or revolutions, and all these things that are very, its not the kind of thing that you see settled the way you’d like them settled.”

We have to be honest about what our leaders have been doing. For longer than I care to think about, Washington, D.C. has seen our military as nothing more than pawns in the biggest game of “Risk.” They run foundations and institutes, think tanks and multi-nationals. And their personal interests don’t always align with what would be best for our nation. Forget the military industrial complex… that was so yesterday. Eisenhower wasn’t thinking nearly big enough. 

Our government - which is constituted more and more by these super smart people - runs coups, apparently now both foreign and domestic. Toppling governments is big business, and there is a lot of money to be made when reforming them. Everyone has a hand in the pie. Pull back the curtain and you will be shocked what you will find. Smaller nations, who depend on larger nations for aid and defense are the most vulnerable to this corruption and manipulation.

Hunter Biden’s troubles with cronyism are only the tip of this very dirty iceberg.

And the biggest problem of them all… they’ve gotten away with it for so long that no one thinks there will ever be consequences.

Well, I would venture that one of the biggest consequences is sitting in the Oval Office right now. And contrary to the Democrats’ wish-casting, he won for a reason.

Oh, and the freak-out… it was over 26 soldiers being moved from the region. In a force of 2,000. One would expect Congressmen to be less hysterical than a campaign staffer on the payroll of cable news networks. I can only imagine the incandescence if Trump really gets serious.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.