Monday morning brought a phone call from my sister... asking for a favor. Of course the answer was... of course, even before I found out what she needed. Thankfully it was nothing that involves going to confession, she just needed to send some shoes she ordered to my house and she wanted me to ship them to her when I got them.

Once I again said not a problem, and as I was gearing up to give her a hard time about stealth retail therapy, she stopped me to say the seller won’t ship them to her in California because they are calf skin.

Excuse me? I honestly thought she was joking. But no.

No, the joke seems to be on common sense, and the residents of California.

No new fur can be sold in California, according to a law passed by the California Senate and Assembly and signed by Governor Newsom. Including, apparently the calf hair leopard print heels my sister was eyeing. 

Queue the “What precisely will this accomplish” conversation that I’m sure my sister was thrilled to have at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning. I’m nothing if not consistent in that regard. But that’s the price of me shipping stylish shoes to California as contraband.

Am I the only one who sees how abjectly dumb this law is?

It doesn’t ban leather, which is sold in much higher quantities than any fur. It is only a problem if the animal’s hair is still attached. And what about all those vintage fur coats... ones like the governor’s wife has been pictured wearing on the red carpet? 

Totally fine guys. They got theirs, too bad for you.

Doesn’t that sound familiar!

What I found most hilarious, is that my mostly non-political sister got going on her own rant about the absurdity of California law that was about as good I any I could have given.

Who knew, they just need to come for the fashionable shoes!

Also up for discussion during our “what’s wrong with California” conversation, which happens more regularly now than before I moved, were the state’s new red flag gun laws (just one of 15 new gun control bills signed recently by the governor) and the mandate that all state colleges and universities must provide Plan B abortion services to students. Training begins immediately for these health care workers, and the government’s goal is that all abortion medications will being offered free of charge by 2023. This comes after four universities, Stanford, Pomona College, UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara, installed Plan B vending machines on campus, selling the over-the-counter drug at a discounted price.

No need for medical advice, or a medical history in the rush to “reproductive freedom.” Although I wonder if any legal advice was obtained, because when someone dies from sepsis or complications you know there will be a lawsuit. But since it’s the government, they will probably be out of luck, given their immunity and all.

Further muddying the waters of this bill... there was no language to protect healthcare workers as conscientious objectors, forcing all employees to dispense the drug no matter their religious or personal beliefs.

And the governor’s response to all of this amounts to... Trump bad - very regressive, California so great - much progressive.

So many of the laws being passed through California’s government these days seem to be framed in this way.

Trump cracks down on criminal illegal aliens; here comes California with sanctuary status and allowing illegal aliens to be appointed to and serve on state boards and commissions.

I would expect the next step in California’s attempt to erase U.S. citizenship will be allowing those in the country illegally to run for local and statewide elective offices. It will be the same rationale used to pass this legislation...that the issues that face American citizens also face those here without documentation but they have no voice or representation.

But from where I sit, it appears California’s leadership wants to remedy that by largely making those the only voices heard. 

It’s just more of the same craziness played out day after day in California.

California wildfires have devastated so many lives over the past few years, but progressive orthodoxy rules Sacramento so instead of managing forests responsibly by clearing dead and unhealthy trees, radical environmentalism decrees the forests off limits. Instead of forcing public utilities to maintain safe infrastructure their solution in times of high fire risk is just to kill power to one third of the state. Easy peasy.

Even shutting off power in a responsible and orderly way was a bridge too far it seems. Confusion, websites taken down when the power turned off, and the publication of information numbers where even state officials were on hold for hours were part of that event.

I’d like to know who is getting fired for not realizing that taking out the power to Silicon Valley might cause some glitches in the flow of information necessary when the power company decided to hit the off switch.

What else?

Against single use plastics, ban straws. Never mind the plastic lids that replaced the straws aren’t recyclable and use more plastic, and the alternatives, paper and metal, actually harm the planet more.

By hook or by crook, the powers that be will get you to act in their desired manner.

But what those same powers don’t get is that much like my sister, people don’t like others curtailing their freedom to choose to live the way they wish.

And they’ll usually find an easy enough work around.

Governor Newsom likes to use President Trump as his foil. It would probably do well for him to remember that California’s brand of hard left progressiveness looks less than sane to the rest of the nation.

But Trump is supposedly the crazy one. Please continue to go on..... and on and on and on. I think there might be some people in Antarctica that haven’t heard yet.

To be perfectly honest, sometimes I really dislike saying I’m from California. That statement is always followed by an explanation of why I was so happy to get the heck out before the person asking thinks I brought some of those crazy politics with us to small town Tennessee.

This latest legislative session is just another of the many examples of why no one at our house has ever looked back.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.