There’s plenty of trouble on the horizon for Americans, at least if you spend your time looking towards Washington D.C. and the world.

“Transitory” inflation that doesn’t count gas, food or housing, federal police forces deploying across the nation tasked with rooting out “extremism” followed by the DNC and Biden-Allied groups announcing they were partnering with SMS carriers to “engage fact-checkers to dispel misinformation” about vaccines that are sent over social media and text messages is all beyond troublesome.

The propaganda and narrative building surrounding world events in Cuba and Haiti as well as a blackout of information across major domestic and international media outlets detailing what is happening in South Africa are just more examples of just how Orwellian the discourse and actions surrounding our government and politics has become.

The ratchet only ever tightens, and tensions only rise.

Economically, there’s more than one signal that the “transitory” inflation is anything but. Businesses and analysts alike are showing the signs. Not to mention our wallets and bank statements.

With bullet points that include 48% of small businesses raising prices in May (the highest percentage increase over a month in 40 years). 2022 has seen material cost increases that have reached highs of 300% for lumber, 60-70% for copper, 15-20% for cement, 50% for fuel and gas and food prices up over 10 - 20% on average depending on your region.

None of these are good indicators for the direction we are headed.

And it isn’t just small business. Big business is seeing the same signals, with corporations like paint manufacturer PPG announcing price increases across their product lines to offset increasing prices and costs.

Those actions would not be taken if their business forecasters and consultants were bullish on the near future prospects. Nor would The Fed and IRS be sending out monthly checks under the guise of additional child tax credits.

Unironically, tax codes that benefit family creation and and family growth are one of the few policies that this administratioan has offered that I can partially agree with. Too bad the dollars are negated by policies and actions that funnel those dollars straight back to corporate interests who donate back those same dollars to the establishment politicians and institutions that created the conditions in the first place.

Where I sit, that looks awfully similar to money laundering, but you know, an acceptable form. At least for those in charge.

A sample of Tuesday’s media reporting on the newly released CPI inflation rates can be summed up by the Associated Press headline “US consumer prices jumped 5.4% in past 12 months, most since 2008, even with hopes for lower inflation ahead.” (emphasis mine)

Internationally, facts on the ground don’t lend to belief in a steady hand at the helm of our nation.

Cubans taking to the streets and the Communist regime blacking out internet and communications across the nation. Dissidents are being taken from their homes and disappeared. The Haitian President was assassinated and South Africa is devolving to riots and looting, and the resulting fires can been seen from space. Sounds more than a little cautionary, after last summer’s mostly peaceful protests.

China and Russia are on the move geopolitically and militarily. The Middle East is in a constant state of conflict.

And the kinder, gentler administration is sending minimum wage part-time workers to a neighborhood near you to collect your medical and identifying information, all “voluntary” of course.

This administration has fewer solutions than talking points. Intentionally.

The goal is to finish the fundamental transformation, begun under Obama and planned to be continued under Hillary. The Great Reset is just rebranded marketing for a plan that has been in motion longer than most of us have been alive. A global takeover of the United States.

And the tides are running in their favor.

That isn’t to say all is lost, or the sky is falling.

I’m no Chicken Little.

But it is time to pay attention, to see fully what is being done by our government, to citizens and foreign nations. To understand that while we cheer for Team Red or Team Blue, both are working to subvert you - the middle class - and your nation for profit and power.

And it’s time to learn.

To learn the lessons that our elites are showing us.

Not the ones they want us to see, of course. No, they would prefer us to be a cowed populace, dependent on the state in thought and deed.

A subject, of the aristocratic variety, left to the whims of a ruling class that thinks rural communities can’t grasp copy machines, let alone the nuance of running a nation. 

They want a military that defines patriotism as extreme thought. A Capitol police that will have jurisdiction in every city in America to patrol your thoughts and words. And a party apparatus, unaccountable to none but party leaders and complete with apparatchik support groups, to monitor and censor text and encrypted messaging apps, at a service provider level, if you run afoul of the fact checkers. The notorious experts who showed time and again in 2020 their spectacular failures, or success depending on how you see it, in the top down control of information.

It’s the same power levers used in culture and politics. It’s the same people, seeking the same power, using the tools of its captured institutions.

Marxist power struggles look similar no matter the setting. Corporate oligarchy can transform you into a peasant in your own home the same that the Glorious Cultural Revolution did in China.

It will starve those who dissent and disagree. Both in thought and in sustenance.

Learn those lessons too, because those who implement the policy have been. Their whole careers.

The DOD is correct though. It is rebellious and extreme to be patriotic today in America.

Our country, in it’s founding, rebelled against a tyrannical government opposing its views on people who had no representation. It was extreme in its hubris and attitude.

I’d venture that it is, and was, a good thing.

More of that, please and thank you.

It wasn’t easy, or always noble. It was violent and bloody. Too many families paid a horrific price for that honor and sacrifice.

We have allowed modern complacency and selfishness to squander much of that legacy.

Maybe our current generations can learn that there is a duty inherent to the blessings of the Divine Rights of man that are the cornerstone of our foundation. Duties that have zero to do with a daily outrage, progressive norms or verbal dunks on social media, but ones of watchfulness and understanding of the philosophies that allow a society to continue. Lessons on how those philosophies are turned into actions.

That our country can only endure under a moral code, both for its people and it’s leaders.

And maybe, just maybe, we can be the ones to stand strong, together, to see those philosophies and actions work in favor of the American republic and its people once again.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.