To the editor:

In response to Babette (Nunes Husman) Wagner’s letter to the editor,  (“Opinion column peddles dangerous misinformation,” Jan. 28) I must admit that like her, I have not always agreed with the opinions  presented on the Opinion Page of the West Side Index, nor have I found all the topics particularly interesting.

But I know that listening to the other side and learning about different views are tenets of a healthy democracy. Sure, the lunatic fringe that entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 need to be held accountable.  What they did was wrong. But would Wagner suggest that we ignore the over 74 million who voted for Donald Trump because of these bad apples?

I feel fairly certain that Toni (Mattos) Butero is not a member of QAnon. Like Wagner, Butero grew up in Newman. Her family has been on the West Side for over six generations, so to posit that these are “crackpot ideologies being exported to (this) city” isn’t exactly true.

And I wonder how liberal Congressman Steve Cohen from Memphis could be elected to Congress for eight terms, if indeed Butero’s words “would sound a bit more ‘normal’ to the many Trump-speak programmed ears living in that state.” In painting with such a broad stroke, Wagner dismisses the 37.4 percent of the Tennessee electorate that voted for Joe Biden. In her letter, Wagner stated that her blood pressure rises when reading the Opinion Page. I have health issues and I’m aware of the importance of keeping blood pressure in check. If terminating her subscription  to the West Side Index helps improve her health, that is a decision she can make.

If indeed the West Side Index loses her subscription, I will show my support for the paper and a free press by sponsoring the first year’s subscription for five new subscribers whose health may not be so sensitive to its Opinion Page.