To the editor:

I ran for local office to make a difference and to put the needs of the community first. Civic service and involvement in our communities demand all of us to take a part in trying to improve our future. 

It is for this reason, that District 5 should vote for Ceres Councilman Channce Condit for county supervisor. His involvement and willingness to show up is obvious, but most important is his willingness to ask the tough questions and fight for those who he represents is what we need at the county level. District 5 can no longer be the forgotten district in the county, under-served and always under-represented. Our current representative has not done his part to bring our district good-paying jobs, better infrastructure and service. Unfortunately, the unincorporated communities, which should be a priority for the county, have suffered most to a level of embarrassment. Channce Condit will do more than show up at all the meetings. He will show up in our communities, listen to his constituents and speak up on our behalf to make a difference. District 5 should be bold this election season and not settle for the failures of the past.

Let’s do something that will create our best chance for a successful future. Join my family and I and vote for Councilman Channce Condit for District 5, Stanislaus County Supervisor, on March 3.