To the editor:

I am responding to a recent letter to the editor (Mattos Newspapers, Jan. 28) penned by Babette (Nunes Husman) Wagner, wherein she attacks Toni (Mattos) Butero’s column.

I did wonder why Butero was not identified in the letter, perhaps an effort to minimize, trivialize or an attempt to cancel the content. Butero too has her roots deeply buried in her hometown. She is not just a gal from Tennessee, “of all places.”

Wagner’s accusation that Butero’s column is “propaganda and nigh unto blatant misinformation” is her characterization of the content. An opposing view, but not necessarily correct. It is possible her “crackpot ideologies” is not interpreted by other readers as such. Why do I feel suppression, cancellation, misrepresentation and deprogramming creeping into my thoughts?  Fear of Edgar Bergen’s Charlie McCarthy, The Squad, Bernie Sanders and his ilk?

I appreciate Butero’s intelligence, wit and superb writing skills. I may not agree with everything she has written, but I defend her right to do so. In her letter, Wagner objects to Butero’s views by ridiculing and demeaning her.

I would suggest that Wagner revel in a media that supports your views; revel in democracy, fleeting as it may be; revel in our hometown columnist, who does not share your views but allows you yours; and revel in your electoral victory.

The beauty of being an American is we still have the freedom to choose. Choose not to read your hometown newspaper, or the least, not to read Butero’s column, if you find it so threatening.

Just remember because you disagree, does not mean you are right. Let the reader decide.