To the editor:

I spent 13 years in Newman and I had such a wonderful experience. But just living in Newman was not the only mission but to be integrally invested in the community. My kids went to school there, we were active church participants and I was involved in organizations in the community from Boy Scouts to the Knights of Columbus.

Nine years ago, I had to move out of Newman because of the U.S. Navy. Military life is great, taking us all over this country and world. But the best part is being able to read our neighborhood news (West Side Index) to see the happenings from around Newman. That was indeed a great resource and made me feel like I was still back home.

It was with sadness I heard that the Mattos Newspapers was ceasing publication.

Yes, people love news at the moment and at our fingertips, but to hear news from our little towns like Newman and Gustine is becoming harder and harder. Our Mayberry towns are disappearing from the news sources but still remain vibrant and successful as these communities continue to grow and thrive.