To the editor:

On Nov. 11 the whole nation honored veterans for their service to this country. Just a week later, when Lt. Col. Vindman did his duty, he was attacked and vilified by Fox “news”, Trump’s apologists in Congress and in this newspaper.

Why? Because this career military officer, who was wounded in combat for this country, did his duty and these partisans found it inconvenient for their leader.

I don’t think they have any clue about people like Lt. Col. Vindman, or the other tens of thousands of us who have been in combat protecting our nation, with many injured or killed. We took these risks knowingly, because we were dedicated to serving this nation.

We took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, whether foreign or domestic,” which is what we did. As a serving military officer, it was Lt. Col. Vindman’s duty to disobey an illegal order and to bring the matter to his superiors, which is what he did.

West Point has a motto: Duty, Honor, Country. This commitment comes before our own personal interests - or even safety. This is a concept that those who attacked Lt. Col. Vindman can never understand, or appreciate.