To the editor:

I hope that those the following will bring this topic up with friends and relatives.

I have a very safe driving record, attended various driving schools, taught driver training and driven close to a million miles.

Then last week I came so close to hitting three teen-aged boys at the intersection of Highway 33 and Grove Avenue.

This accident that didn’t happen rattled me dearly. I have never come so close to tragedy times-three in my life, and when I say close there must have been divine intervention.

The city of Gustine has a few pedestrian crosswalks along Highway 33. I have tried for many years suggested that the police department should spend some time at these crosswalks, especially at school times.

I have watched too many times drivers pulling over to pass on the right, coming very close to hitting a person. It seems everyone I talk to about these crosswalks has the same stories. Then there are the many drivers who don’t see or understand pedestrians.

How about watching a person in a motorized wheelchair, in the crosswalk, and having three vehicles drive by.

What caused my near (and possibly fatal) accident? The position of the sun late in the afternoon, the backdrop of trees, shadows and my lack of safe driving all add up to (the potential for) a serious accident.

If this happened to me, there is no doubt it can happen to anyone. Accidents are not accidents, they are caused by one or more factors that could have prevented it.

If you read other newspapers or watch TV, there are pedestrian accidents all the time in the valley. A number of times they are not even covered.

Do a Google search of pedestrian accidents in the valley and you might understand the gravity of life or how short it can be.