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We are now going to use our children as guinea pigs to test an experimental vaccine. Even if it is approved by the FDA for children 5 plus, the covid vaccine is still experimental.

I’m not the only one who is against using children for medical experiments. I’ve talked with dozens of parents who feel the same way. And I believe many teachers, staff and school administrators are worried sick. This is not their fault.

For Governor Newsom to mandate a covid vaccine for children is reckless and irresponsible. It’s not the role of government to supersede parental rights. Parents should always make their own informed decision on what’s right for their children.

Together we must call this out because it’s wrong. We must stand together and show these politicians who the boss is.

Folks, Gavin Newsom is threatening you; if your 5 plus year old child doesn’t get an approved experimental shot then your child will not be allowed to go to a public or charter school.

If we are going to err on the side of safety it has to be, leave the kids alone. Kids have nearly zero chance of dying from Covid. In fact they are more likely to die from the flu.

There are many doctors against covid shots for children. You can’t get the truth from censored media. You can’t get the truth from people threatened to lose their job or professional license.

It’s time to stand together as parents and neighbors.