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Born into privilege, silver spoon and political big shots as relatives Gavin Newsom was the anointed child of California. Those who thought him special saw him as a future president. But, like so many of those born into prestigious families Gavin actually believed, like the children of Trump, it was not chance, but divine selection. Thus, began the ugly trail of tears he calls his life. The skeletons in his closet will soon rattle into his future. 

Sadly, with an ego the size of Texas, Gavin destroyed the work of his powerful family. Today, we find Gavin, the highest paid governor in history, battling for survival with a no-body, do nothing, trash talking white supremacist, who isn’t white. A self-hating individual with no qualifications. 

The way the deck is stacking up Gavin may lose and won’t have anyone but himself to blame.    As a student of politics, I predicted almost to the cue how, and why he would fall. Like many arrogant men he fell prey to his pride. Too bad, all Gavin can do now is shake his head and lament his delusional thinking. Others await the other shoe to drop and a grand jury find him guilty of fraud, embezzlement or illegal dealings with PG&E after the death of nearly 100 people during the Paradise fire. Why cast stones at a man whose skeletons are fighting to get out of his closet?