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To the editor:

Disappointment has become our ever-present companion. 

Republican elected officials are trying to restrict the right to vote and cops lie about lying to us. The Catholic church betrayed us and priests are fornicating. 

Perhaps a higher power is alerting us to stop blindly following and perhaps faith and trust is not enough. 

It’s time we ask ourselves who is leading us, why they are there and how that serves us? 

We cannot honestly believe politicians got elected to help anyone but themselves. Come on, this is America, land of the greedy powerful. Clearly those who claim to serve are not sincere. 

A 90-year-old cardinal is facing criminal charges for sexual assault on a child and the church claims the Pope is infallible? Wow! How can they look in a mirror? 

I lament children’s lost innocence as a result of so many examples of cops, politicians, priests, and every profession once thought the foundation of our nation. 

Is it ignorance, greed, pride, stupidity or simply human weakness? Surely, we deserve better than those calling themselves patriots and delaying the Jan 6th investigation. Its time for accountability and heads rolling.