To the editor:

The Newman Historical Society would like to thank everyone who brought all the fantastic salads and opportunity gifts to our annual salad luncheon.

It has been 20 years since the club started doing this for the public.

Twenty years ago we started this as a money-maker to renovate the “little red schoolhouse” from a residence in the hills to the schoolhouse it is today. It took the historical society two and a half years of working almost every day to complete it.

A large amount of money was needed for this project, which was paid for by the club alone. Everyone worked long hours to get it where it is. A lot of children have gone through the nursery school in the little red schoolhouse and we hope it has made them very happy.

Also, thank you to Elaine DeLash and Jackie Azevedo for all the hard work. These two women took over this year to give others a break and time to enjoy themselves instead of working. It was wonderful of them.