To the editor:

An honorable mention to Toni Butero’s opinion column (Up For Debate, Jan. 21). It was spot on and covered many points. And thank you to all the newspapers who put free speech to ink.

Today we are living in a time where politicians are using so-called legal action as a guise for authoritarianism.

Our elected officials have brought this country to its knees. Politicians created division starting on Day One of the Trump Administration.

Elected officials are twisting legal action to bring down their opponents, even when their opponent is exercising their constitutional rights. They get smeared and viciously attacked in a disgusting abuse of power.

Fast forward to Jan. 6, 2021. We still don’t know the full truth of what really happened on that day. What we do know is media and politicians are spinning narratives for political points.

I don’t exactly know how many people stormed the U.S. Capitol but it definitely was not hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters. The number of people who got into the Capitol seems to be around 400, per one article from the Boston Globe. It has been reported that 135 have been arrested.

What I’ve read and seen on video leaves more questions than answers. There were nefarious groups and agitators around the Capitol who were not Trump supporters. I’ve seen video of Capitol security removing barricades to let people into the Capitol and it appeared some were Trump supporters based on clothing. I’ve also seen a video of Trump supporters telling troublemakers to stop destroying U.S. Capitol property. Are there other videos out there?

There were hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters in D.C. on that day. It is not reasonable to blame the peaceful protestors. And no real evidence has come forth proving Trump had anything to do with it. So where is the narrative coming from?

Our elected officials get away with spinning the truth because the mainstream propaganda machine spews out their rhetoric. Investigative reporting gets shut down and the free market censors opinions which don’t follow the narrative. Cancel culture kicks in to take care of the rest. And there’s little room for dissonance from anyone. Isn’t that great?

We are living in an age of tyranny. A few examples of this are impeachment of a former president who is now a private citizen (which the chief Supreme Court justice wants no part of); political actions to investigate anyone who questions election results; accusing colleagues of attempted murder for objecting to electorates (which the Democrats have objected to multiple times in the recent past); no word or action by Congress on censorship for one group of people (I guess that’s okay to stop free speech when its for the cause - where’s the oath to protect our constitutional rights?); HR1, the “For the People Act” sham bill to further corrupt the election process; going after political opponents who supported Trump (which started in 2016 and continues with fervor); and using cancel culture that has rotted our political process to the core.

President Biden has already signed 42 executive actions as of this Jan. 29 writing. He has only been in office for 10 days. Many of those actions are executive orders. Did President Biden reach out across the aisle before signing any of these executive actions? Has President Biden answered any serious questions from the media? I haven’t seen it. So who is President Biden representing?

I can only say that we the people, in order to form a more perfect union, need to unite against this tyranny with our federal and state governments. Be peaceful, but we must speak up for what is ours. Let’s be remembered as those who saved America!