2020 was a crazy year filled with uncertainty and worry for many, but one person who kept going was Gustine Unified Board Member Zachary Ramos. He helped our community by leading food box giveaways, supporting farmers, getting students access to free internet thanks to working with businesses and so much more. He has put his heart in this community even going as far as putting his stipend from the School Board back towards the students with opening up the education center downtown for everyone. 

There’s never a break - from finding grants to building things for our students - he has managed to keep his promises so far, which is rare to find, especially in this political generation of politicians making open promises and never keeping them once in office. 

Promoting STEM, feeding our students, creating literacy programs - you can trust he has no plans on giving up on making sure all students and staff get the support they need anyway he is able to give it. 

As long as Zachery Ramos keeps up the transparency and hard work for our School District, I will continue to support him. We need more people in office who do more then just attend meetings, but rather go the extra mile for their communities. Remember to never give up and keep doing the great job you have been for our town's kids! Ramos for School Board Again 2024.