To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of District 5 Stanislaus County supervisor Channce Condit.

His belief is that “local government is meant to be closest to the people it serves.”

He has the people of Newman in mind as he pursues this office. I have worked closely with Channce Condit for the past months as he has prepared to serve the people of the West Side. He wants to protect our water rights for our residents and farmers. He knows how crucial water is to our community and our survival. His desire is to bring jobs to the West Side, and would like to see those jobs at the old Crows Landing Naval Air Field. He has a great compassion and need to address the homeless problem in our area. He admires and wishes to help our local veterans with their needs. Condit is energetic, proactive and accessible. For the last few months, he has walked Newman and the other areas he will serve, spoken to our community and been visible at our local events. Please support Channce Condit in his run for county supervisor with your vote on March 3.