To the editor:

Thank you and God bless to our incredible first responders who took action Jan. 6 and kept the men and women in the United States Capitol safe during the unthinkable and once-thought impossible riots that happened. I, alongside my friends, watched as our vice president and other members of the Congress were rushed out of the Capitol after being abruptly interrupted by protesters. Watched as our own Congressman, along with other members, ducked for cover to stay safe from harm while the Capitol was being breached. The American people watched on their televisions as the Capitol was taken over and defaced.

Such an act has not occurred since the attack of 1814 by the British. It is not hard for many of us to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. I pray that we may come together to forge ahead in a new year that shall bring us together instead of further divide us, for our nation has already gone through too many hardships in the past year.

I do not dispute the idea that there were errors in this election and I understand fully why so many are worried, infuriated and scared. But I just want to share that the truth shall always prevail and the voices of the American people will be heard.