It’s difficult to write an opinion about America due to political disposition. Rather then parroting the news I will appeal to common sense. 

Our individual freedoms are on the auction block. Branches of government and related institutions have distilled the meaning of our constitutional rights. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a first generation American or greater. We should all agree freedom is a sacred attribute to living in the United States. If you don’t like free speech or citizens inherited rights then perhaps another country in the world will suit your lifestyle. 

America is a beacon of freedom to the world. And more importantly we the citizens have been exercising those rights for 245 years. Don’t give away your freedoms and don’t become a useful idiot to do the bidding of those who are working against America. 

The United States is based on a republic first and democracy second. Does that seem confusing? The genius of a republic is it protects you when a majority of people, Congress, or the executive branch create a policy or law that is unconstitutional. Federal and State laws and policies are all potentially subject to a judicial process. 

A recent example of the judicial process; the CDC eviction moratorium on rent has been ruled by the Sixth Circuit Court as unconstitutional. Everyone understands people are struggling. But it’s not the courts responsibility to legislate at the bench. And the constitution is critical to a free society. Get it?