To the editor:

There cannot be enough said about one special day of the year, Veterans Day.

I would like to thank our veterans for their unselfish service to our country so that we may be free and can teach our children what it really means to live in a free country.

Thank you veterans, for being in your parade and on your veterans float so as a town we could show you how proud we are of you.

Thank you for attending the Veterans Day program, so we could express our gratitude through:

• Having Sharon Bettencourt sing patriotic songs in your honor.

• The personal, heart-warming letters thanking veterans, which were written by Tracy Bedford’s fourth-grade class at Gustine Elementary School.

• The remarks by veteran and guest speaker Sherman Kishi, who spoke from his heart about his personal experiences during the war, which I’m sure all our veterans could relate to.

• The POW/MIA tribute, demonstrated by Marine Corps Sgt. Bill Mattos, to show that our POW/MIAs will not be forgotten and personally dedicated toWilbur Gomes, husband to Irene Gomes, who was a prisoner of war; and missing-in-action soldier Floyd Jones Jr., uncle to Karen Edwards and brother to Mike Fantazia.

I want to mention also a veteran very dear to my heart. Sitting in the audience with his daughter Kathy was 101-year-young veteran Frank Scesa of Gustine.

I hope the 2018 Veterans Day was as memorable for all of you as it has been for me, and that we never forget and are grateful and appreciative every day of what our veterans stand for and what they have sacrificed for us.

God bless our veterans and our country.

Judy Quinn