To the editor:

Earlier this week Mattos Newspapers asked the public if anyone watched the Democratic debates. I watched it with colleagues from both the Democratic and Republican parties in the area and we were very surprised and taken back by a lot of what was being said at the debate.

We have to realize that everything cannot be free. Someone will be picking up the bill for what they are all trying to offer the voters. Yes, these promises sound nice on paper but if you ask about the payment plans for all of this it is worrisome. Candidate Pete Buttigieg said it right when saying that it is not realistic for there to be free college for everyone. A more realistic idea is that free college is offered to those who truly cannot pay for it, those coming from low-income or underprivileged areas of the country.

Former candidate Eric Swalwell has already dropped out of the race and many more will soon follow but for now it is a waiting game until the next debate cycle.

We must as a country pray and pay close attention to all candidates so that one who stands up for the values of families, immigration, better care for our veterans, improving education, funding for more youth programs and improved health care is elected president of the United States. 

Zachery Ramos